Let’s face it, the current state of the housing market has made it increasingly difficult to buy a first home, or bach. Growing house and land prices are locking many people out of the option to own their own house. Ecospace units are a more realistic alternative for those who want to get started without being locked into a excessive mortgage.

Do you have a plot of land, but aren’t quite ready to build that dream home or bach you’ve always wanted? Maybe you can’t afford to? Do you have a piece of land where running main service’s to the property is unattainable or too expensive? An Ecospace unit might be exactly what you need, and being completely transportable, they can be moved to the back of the property as a secondary income source, or sold on to another lucky customer if the time comes to upscale.

With that being said, there are also affordability benefits in the long term with our structure being made out of Formance™ SIP panels, which reduce’s energy consumption, and lower energy bills. With our high insulation R rating, and top quality air and vapour control, you will lower your heating and cooling loads over the lifetime of your home. Our heat recovery ventilation system’s are also very affordable to run at less than 1 cent per day per fan! We’re confident our cabin’s are so warm you won’t even need heaters in the winter!