18m2 – Onetangi cabin

18m2 – Onetangi cabin

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Create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area to flow from inside to out. We can offer custom deck, pergola, and outdoor entertainment areas to maximise your outdoor living space. This is a very important part of living in a minimalist style tiny home, as well as enjoying those classic Kiwi summer vibes! Subfloor deck piles are removable galvanised Ground screws for ease of transportation should you decide to. Pergola options lined with vertical Abodo cladding as per our renders, this creates practical and visually appealing outdoor kitchen or living spaces to enjoy with family and friends. Prices vary based on the design, Travel costs may apply for further areas. Email for more information and accurate pricing.


We are members of the New Zealand certified builders, with a team of experienced Licensed building practitioners, designers, and trusted subcontractors behind us. We source all our materials from leading suppliers in the NZ building industry, with connections nationwide to ensure the best quality, and great trade discounts. We are experienced in running full scale building projects of any size, This means we have the skills to help bring your dreams to reality from start to finish with great communication, and customer satisfaction end to end including council consent and custom designs. No project is too big or too small, get in touch with us today and let’s bring that idea to life!


We can provide off grid options to make our Ecospace cabins completely self sustainable. This includes solar panels, separate grey and black water systems, and various toilet options. As every customer’s situation is site specific, based on location, compliance, and frequency of use, we recommend getting in touch with us so we can connect you with our trusted partners for these options once your Ecospace has been selected. A rough price indication for off grid solar connection ranges from $11k-$17k inc GST depending on size, watts, and battery storage. The composting toilets we use are around $900.00 + GST for a standard mid range Bambaloo dry composting toilet, and there are other composting and incinerating toilet options available. Standard grey and vary with different options available, so it’s best to get in contact with our suppliers to discuss the best suited option for you, we have a discount through Ecospace that we will apply to whatever option you choose.


Here at Ecospace, we can provide you with completely customised designs from scratch, or change the external and internal layout of our existing concepts to better fit your situation, or taste. If you don’t like what you see, let us know so we can make the changes necessary and bring your build to life!

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