Once the deposit is received we generally allow up to 3 months (12 weeks) for the building process. The trailer’s alone take 8 weeks to make depending on how busy the supplier is, and our Formance™ SIP Panel’s also take 8 weeks for production time. The actual construction start to finish for us takes 4 weeks. We are working on getting this time reduced by sourcing multiple trailer engineers, and having pre-made stock of Formance™ panels in production for each unit, but at this stage 3 months is a realistic expectation.

We outsource our delivery’s to Supercity towing, they charge $150.00p/h from leaving our warehouse, until they are back in their depot after the delivery. This will give you an indication on pricing depending where in the country you are. We can also organise crane and trailer options for hard to access sites, or overweight cabins/tiny homes that are over the legal trailer load weight of 3500kg. Our Ecospace cabins can also be picked up from our warehouse in Auckland without a pilot vehicle, however you need to be experienced at towing and have a vehicle capable of towing 3500kg. If the GMV of your vehicle and the cabin is greater than 6000kg you will require a class 2 license. We can offer delivery all around New Zealand, however, every situation is different so we will need to provide a quote at the time of enquiry/transportation.

Our Ecospace units are built with the vision of being “off the grid”, however, we understand this may not suit everyone’s situation. Our 10m2 Ecospace cabin is slightly under 10m2 and fully transportable so they will not require building consent according to the NZS3604 building code. The 13m2, 18m2, and 26m2 concepts are built on a registered and warranted light trailer which classes them as a vehicle, however, if you are connecting to main council services, this will trigger a consent. We can add self sustainable fixtures including composting toilet, and separate grey water system to avoid this. Resource consents and local council rules vary between each region, so we suggest it is best if you get in touch with your local council for more information to keep on the safe side. If a resource/building consent is required for your region, we have the plan’s and licensed building practitioner’s ready to comply with all relevant inspections and requirements, and we can walk you through the consenting process from start to finish at your cost. As a member of the New Zealand Tiny House Association, along with other great tiny house company’s around the country we are in the process of contributing towards creating a new legislation each week, which classes “tiny house on wheels” in its own category separate to the building and road code, to help better support our exciting growth industry. We are hoping to get this sorted this year. Keep posted for updates 🙂

We have options to make our Ecospace cabins completely self sustainable and off the grid. This includes solar panels fixed to the roof on site, separate grey water system options, and composting toilet options. As every customers situation is different based on power output requirements, as well as frequency of use, we recommend getting in touch with our trusted partners for these options once your cabin has been selected. A rough price indication for off grid solar connection ranges from $11k-$17k inc GST depending on size, watts, and battery storage. The composting toilets we use are around $900.00 + GST for a standard mid range Bambaloo dry composting toilet, but there are other options available. Standard grey water systems are around $1300 + GST, again, with different options available, so it’s best to get in contact with our suppliers to discuss the best suited option for you, we have a discount through Ecospace that we will apply to whatever option you choose.

Here is a link to our off gird suppliers for more information :

Composting toilets and grey water systems: https://www.wctnz.co.nz/

For solar power we have teamed up with SolarKing NZ to bring you the best quality and price for off grid solar nationwide: SolarKing ; Grey and Black Water solutions: Naturalflow

We have designed our units to be ready for connection when it leave’s our factory and reach’s your site. Because we don’t know where each intended Ecospace unit is heading and each site’s layout, we have left this site connection part out of the package. We can easily help you with this process, for site connection and set up we charge our normal builder + apprentice rates of $65.00p/h and $35.00p/h, and its very straight forward for any electrician or plumber local to your area to help with the electricity and plumbing connection. The deck and pergola will be built on site for ease of transport and to save pilot vehicle costs. Depending on where in NZ this is, it could possibly incur extra transport charges for materials delivery and vehicle transport charges to get to site as we are based in Auckland. We will provide a estimate for each enquiry.

As with most building contracts we work on a progress payment system. We require a 60% deposit once the contract is signed and before the construction starts, this covers all the building materials to get the project started and into production. At week 9 we then require a further 30% to pay for the construction labour costs, and then the final 10% before pick up/delivery.

Yes we do. We can build a timber subfloor and flooring as per NZS3604 standards to suit the 13m2 and 18m2 cabin, as opposed to having them on a trailer, this will mean we have to go down the consenting process which we can walk you through from start to finish. If your interested in this option, ask us for a quote and we will deduct the cost of the trailer, and include the consenting costs.

Our trailers are made by Bay Engineering solutions based in Tauranga. These trailers are a very well thought out design perfect for tiny houses.

They consist of 2 parts;
Chassis – a basic skeleton trailer with structural steel, axles and a drawbar,

Deck – a detachable steel frame used as the floor of your tiny house.

These 2 parts are securely locked together using a container lock in each corner of the house. This allows you to easily move your house into place, and then remove the trailer from underneath with hand operated lifting jacks if need be.

  • 3500kg rated removable flat deck tiny house trailer with 4x container locks in the corner. 6X2.4mtr Fully hot dipped Galvanised
  • 1″7/8 tow coupling
  • 3500kg rated share tandem oscillating suspension
  • Twin axle electric drum brakes
  • 13″low profile rims and tyres
  • Spare wheel
  • H/Duty jockey wheel
  • LED light system
  • 3yr wof & 1 yr rego
  • Jacking brackets in trailer and deck
  • 4x Jacking stands supplied and fitted to remove the deck off the trailer and for installing trailer up next to the house and becoming a full house size deck frame for an Entertainment area.

A building enclosure has four core functions. In order of importance, they are:

  1. Rain control
  2. Air control
  3. Vapor control
  4. Thermal control (easiest to control and least important)

Energy Efficiency

Formance™ panels combine superior insulation with near-zero air leakage to maximize the performance of the building envelope and allow HVAC systems to operate more effectively. You also get:

  1. Reduced energy consumption.
  2. Lower energy bills.
  3. Up to 90 percent less air leakage than stick-framed structures.
  4. No thermal bridging or convection looping.


Formance™ panels help improve structural strength for resistance to natural disasters. You also get:

  1. Structural characteristics similar to a steel I-Beam.
  2. Superior structural stability with stiffness, strength, and predictable performance.
  3. Lower maintenance requirements.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling that you’re doing your bit. Formance™ panels are a welcome relief to our environment, having an estimated reduction in the level of Carbon emissions of 9.9 x over the life of the building when compared to traditional building methods. Key contributors to the superior performance of Formance™ panels in this area include:

  1. Reduced heating and cooling loads over lifetime of home
  2. High R-value
  3. Low air leakage rate
  4. Low environmental impact of materials
  5. Low maintenance requirements
  6. Lightweight materials reduce transportation

Design Freedom

Rounded roofs, arched windows and other complex designs are made simple with Formance™ panels. The manufacturing process means that no design element is too hard to accomplish. You also get:

  1. Ability to cut almost any shape
  2. Open and airy feel with no need for false ceilings
  3. Ability to maximize space


Formance™ panels are engineered in a controlled factory environment meaning precision home building is now a reality for builders. Easy to build with, fast to erect and with less wastage or re-work on site, Formance panels put the satisfaction back into a job well done for builders.


More information in this link: https://formance.co.nz/why-sips/